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Great Old Testament Questions #4 - Is it Nothing to You

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Text: Lamentations 1:12

Thesis: To look at the dangers of and cures for apathy.


(1)   A preacher once said that the #1 problem in the church today is apathy.

(2)   In the time of Jeremiah, apathy was also a big problem.


I.                   The Story:

A.    Israel would go into Babylonian captivity because of her sins, esp. idolatry.

B.     In verses 1-11, “Jerusalem, following the Babylonian invasion, is described as being like a lonely widow. She is without companionship. Her once-busy streets are empty. She who was once the talk of the nations is now alone” (Jackson 153).

C.     From verse 12, it seems that “though Jerusalem has suffered tremendously, no one seems to care. There is no sympathy from the by-passers” (Jackson 154).

II.                The Application:

A.    The problem of apathy still exists today.

1.      ‘Apathy’ means: “1. lack of emotion 2. lack of interest; listless condition; unconcern; indifference” (Webster’s College Dictionary).

2.      How are people apathetic today?

a.       Our Nation:

                                                        i.            Prayers Out of School

                                                      ii.            Roe vs. Wade

                                                    iii.            Divorce Rate

                                                    iv.            Homosexuality

b.      Our Church:

                                                        i.            Benevolence

                                                      ii.            Edification

                                                    iii.            Evangelism

B.     What is the cure?

1.      Pray

2.      Do Something!


-          God cared enough to send Jesus. Will you care enough to do something?

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