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America Is World's Saddest Nation

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According to a recent study by the World Health Organization and Harvard Medical School, America may very well be the saddest nation in the world.  Researchers found that 9.6% of Americans suffer from depression or bipolar disorder—the highest among 14 major nations polled.  Those nations that scored better that the W.S. suffer from ongoing wars and rumors of war (Lebanon), vast unemployment (Mexico), and profound poverty (Nigeria).  In his Wall Street Journal article, “The Great Depression,” Bret Stephens argues that perhaps America scores poorly as a nation because its population is generally comfortable and wealthy.  Such luxuries allow that much more time for critically picking apart life situations and personal circumstances.  Those who live in countries torn apart by varying social and economic issues have less time to fret over personal gain and ambition,  They are simply too busy trying to survive.

So what could turn our sad nation around?  The research shows that the citizens of the world’s happier nations find a steady source of joy in their families, their religion , and their traditions.

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