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Day of the Lord

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The occasion of God’s final intervention in human affairs to punish sin, restore the faithful of his people and establish his rule over the nations. It is linked with the Messianic hope and will be fulfilled at Jesus Christ’s return. This future consummation is anticipated in historical acts of judgment and, although its time is unknown, it will be heralded and accompanied by signs and by great upheavals in nature.

The day of the Lord as a day of judgment Of universal judgment Is 24:21–22 See also Zep 1:14–18 Of judgment on the nations Is 13:9–11; Je 46:10 See also Job 20:28–29; Is 13:4–6 God’s judgment on Egypt: Is 19:16–17; Eze 30:3–4 Is 27:1; Joe 3:12–14; Ob 15; Zep 3:8; Ro 2:16; Re 6:15–17 Of judgment on faithless…
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