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That quality of truthfulness and dependability which rewards faith. God is trustworthy and his people are called to be trustworthy in their dealings with other people. Scripture warns against pinning one’s hopes on people and things that will prove untrustworthy.

God is trustworthy God’s words are trustworthy 2 Sa 7:28 See also Ps 19:7; Ps 111:7; Da 2:45; 1 Ti 1:15; 1 Ti 4:9–10; Re 21:5 God rewards trust in him Ps 22:4–5 See also Ps 20:6–8; Ps 21:7; Ps 125:1; Is 25:9; 2 Ti 1:12 Qualities of those who are trustworthy Integrity in business dealings Dt 25:13–16…
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