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Reliance upon God or upon others. Dependence on God for help with spiritual and physical needs arises out of an awareness of human helplessness, though dependence may be wrongly directed. People may look to others for encouragement and support, but over-dependence is not commended.

Dependence arising from a sense of helplessness Physical helplessness Ps 18:6 See also Ps 107:4–6; Ps 116:6; Mk 4:38; Mk 5:25–26 Spiritual helplessness Is 64:6; Mk 9:17–18; Ro 5:6; Ro 7:18 Dependence on God encouraged God is to be trusted Heb 4:16 See also Ex 14:31; Dt 8:3; Ps 4:5; Ps 9:10; Ps 20:7;…
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