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Nature of knowing God

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To know God is not merely to know things about him, such as his character, but also to experience his presence and power. To know God is to be transformed by him. Human knowledge of God is as a result of God’s revelation of himself.

The origin of knowing God Knowing God depends on revelation Ro 11:33–36 See also Is 40:13; Dt 29:29; Nu 12:6; Nu 23:3; Job 12:22; Is 40:5; Is 65:1; Eze 20:5; Da 2:20–23; Da 2:28 Am 4:13; Mt 11:25–27; Ro 16:25–26; Ga 1:12; Eph 3:4–5 God gives knowledge of his reality through creation Ro 1:20 See also…
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