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Importance of trust

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Scripture emphasises the importance of putting one’s trust in God. This trust, which is nurtured by an understanding of God’s revealed truth, finds expression in a life lived according to his purpose. There are examples in Scripture of proper trust being placed in other people.

Grounds for trust in God Trust in God’s power and strength Ex 14:31; 2 Ti 1:12 See also 2 Sa 22:1–3; Ps 9:9–10; Ps 115:9–11; Ps 144:1–2 Trust in God’s unfailing love Ps 13:5 See also Ex 15:13; Ps 17:7; Ps 21:7; Ps 33:18; Ps 52:8; Ps 147:11 Trust in God’s salvation Is 12:2 See also 1 Sa 17:37; Ps 22:4–5;…
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