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Faith and blessings of God

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Confidence in the ability and willingness of God to act in supernatural power to advance his kingdom, and a commitment, expressed in prayer and action, to being the means by which he does so.

God’s power is released through faith Mt 17:20 See also Mk 9:23; Lk 17:6 Praying in faith Mt 21:21–22 See also Jas 1:5–7; Jas 5:14–15 Praying in Jesus Christ’s name Jn 14:12–14 In the OT, faith in God’s power Heb 11:32–34 See also Heb 11:11–12; Jos 14:6–14; 1 Sa 14:6; 1 Sa 17:32–47; 2 Ch 20:20; 2 Ch…
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