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The sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper were instituted by Jesus Christ as signs and seals of the covenant. They explain the basis of this covenant and apply its benefits to believers. They replace circumcision and the Passover which were the sacraments of the old covenant.

The sacraments as signs of the new covenant Baptism Mt 28:19 See also Ac 2:38; Ac 2:41 The Lord’s Supper 1 Co 11:23–25 The sacraments as a participation in the body of Christ Baptism Ga 3:27 See also Ro 6:3 The Lord’s Supper 1 Co 10:16–17 See also Mt 26:26; Jn 6:32–35; Jn 6:48; Jn 6:50–58 The sacraments…
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