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Elders in the church

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In the NT a group of leaders responsible for managing and teaching a local church. As the name implies, they were normally men of experience and maturity. Although women played a very significant part in early Christian ministry, there is no specific NT evidence for women as elders.

Elders in the Jerusalem church Ac 15:4 See also Ac 11:30; Ac 15:2; Ac 15:6; Ac 15:22–23; Ac 16:4; Ac 21:18 Elders are also called “overseers” Ac 20:28 See also Tt 1:6–7 Elders are appointed by apostles or their delegates Ac 14:23 See also Tt 1:5 Qualifications for elders Tt 1:6–9 See also 1 Ti 3:1–7…
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