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Peace, divine in OT

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Providing peace for his creation is a characteristic of God. In the OT peace came through adherence to God’s will as expressed in his spoken word, covenants and law. The Hebrew word “shalom” means “peace in all its fulness, in every aspect of life”.

Peace provided for God’s people Through obedience to God’s spoken word Ge 2:16–17 See also 2 Ki 5:13–19; Job 22:21–22; Ps 85:8; Is 54:13; Da 10:15–19 Through obedience to God’s covenants Dt 29:9 See also Dt 30:15–16; Mal 2:1–6 Through obedience to God’s laws Ps 119:165 See also Le 26:3–12; Dt 28:1–7;…
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