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The proving of a person guilty of sin or a crime. Scripture stresses that God has declared the guilt, together with its consequences, of sinful humanity. The term can also refer to a state of being convinced; i.e., the holding of a strong belief, especially a conscious awareness of one’s guilt and the atoning death of Jesus Christ as the means of remission of that guilt.

Conviction is proving a person guilty of sin or a crime Proving someone guilty of sin Jn 8:46 See also Jn 16:8–9; 1 Co 14:24; Jas 2:9; Jud 15 Proving someone guilty of a crime Dt 19:15 See also Ex 22:9; Le 17:3–4 The death penalty only to be on the testimony of two or three witnesses: Nu 35:30; Dt 17:6…
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