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Deadness, spiritual

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Being morally and spiritually without life, therefore without a relationship with God. This condition, being the result of original sin, brings wrath and judgment and can be changed only by the sovereign, intervening grace of God.

Spiritual deadness is humanity’s condition by nature It is linked to physical death Ge 2:17 See also Ge 3:3; Ge 3:19; Pr 11:19; Eze 18:20–31; Jn 8:21–24; Ro 1:32; Ro 6:23 It is the universal consequence of sin Eph 2:1 See also Ge 8:21; 1 Ch 10:13; Ps 51:5; Ps 58:3; Pr 21:16; Jn 6:53; Ro 3:23; Ro 5:12–13;…
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