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Universality of sin

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All human beings sin and are guilty in the sight of God on account of an inherently sinful disposition, which can be traced back to Adam. Acts of sin thus arise from a sinful human heart. The basis of cleansing and cancellation of “original sin” is the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

Adam, the cause of universal sin Ro 5:19 See also Ge 3:1–24; Ro 5:12; 1 Co 15:22 The universe is in subjection to sin Ga 3:22 See also Ro 5:21; Ro 11:32 Sin is inherent in human nature Sinfulness from birth Ps 51:5 See also Job 25:4; Ps 58:3 The sinful heart Ge 6:5 See also Ge 8:21; Ec 9:3; Je 17:9;…
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