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Being in readiness for service or for some future appointment or event. Wild animals and the wicked lie in wait to ambush the unsuspecting; servants wait on their masters; believers and the whole creation wait for their renewal by God. God, too, waits for sinners to repent.

Waiting for future events Waiting to see what happens Ru 3:18; Jon 4:5; Ac 28:6 Waiting for a period of time Ge 8:10–12; Le 12:4–5; Eze 44:26 Waiting for people Waiting to meet others Ex 5:20; Ex 7:15; 2 Sa 16:1; 1 Ki 20:38 Waiting to be joined by others 1 Co 11:33 See also Ex 24:14; Ac 17:16; Ac 20:5–6;…
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