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A stillness or absence of noise, often associated with the absence of life or people, but also associated with a sense of expectancy or reverence, especially in the presence of God. Scripture stresses that God is not silent, but has spoken his word to his creation. The silence of Jesus Christ before his accusers is seen as the fulfilment of OT prophecy.

The silence of God His apparent silence in the face of sin Ps 50:21 See also Job 34:29; Is 42:14; Is 57:11 God will not remain silent in the face of sin Ps 50:3 See also Is 62:1; Is 65:6–7 Prayers that God will not be silent Ps 28:1 See also Ps 35:22; Ps 39:12; Ps 83:1; Ps 109:1; Is 64:12; Hab 1:13 God…
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