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Astuteness or craftiness in dealings with others, especially in using one’s understanding and judgment to one’s own advantage. Scripture commends it when it is seen in wise words and actions directed towards a worthy goal, but condemns it when it takes the form of cunning and deceitful scheming for sinful and selfish ends.

Shrewdness as astuteness It is encouraged in believers Mt 10:16; Lk 16:8–9 Practical demonstrations of astuteness Mt 7:24–25 See also Pr 12:23; Pr 14:15; Pr 15:5; Pr 18:15; Mt 24:45–47 Jesus Christ’s wisdom in answering his enemies Mt 22:18–22; Mt 22:31–32; Jn 8:7 Further examples of astuteness 1 Sa…
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