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Deep feelings for others and sympathy for their needs, leading to appropriate action on their behalf. Spiritual sensitivity is the ability to perceive and respond to the call of God or the spiritual demands of the moment. Oversensitivity and lack of sensitivity are extremes to be avoided.

God’s sensitivity to his people Ex 3:7 See also Jdg 2:18; Is 40:2; La 3:22; Ho 2:14; Lk 1:78 Sensitivity shown by Jesus Christ Mt 12:20 See also Is 42:3 Mt 23:37 See also Lk 7:12–13; Lk 19:41; Jn 9:34–35; Jn 11:33–35 Jesus Christ’s own experience of temptation Heb 4:14–15 See also Heb 2:18 Sensitivity…
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