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Enigmatic or allegorical statements whose meaning must be searched for or revealed by God. They may be compared with other forms of obscure communication and contrasted with clear messages. Riddles are associated with proverbs and parables as means of teaching wisdom.

Samson’s riddle The riddle posed Jdg 14:5–14 The riddle solved Jdg 14:15–20 Further examples of riddles Riddles and dreams See also Ge 37:5–9; Ge 40:5–8; Ge 41:1–8; Da 2:1–3 Four mysteries Pr 30:18–19 The eagles and the vine Eze 17:2–8; Eze 17:11–15 The writing on the wall Da 5:5–9; Da 5:25–28 Riddles…
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