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Opposition to the demands of the state or other legitimate authorities. Individuals must not resist such demands unless they are contrary to God’s requirements. God will himself judge unjust rulers. Christians should not resist the evil person but, following Jesus Christ’s teaching and example, entrust themselves to God.

God should not be resisted 2 Ch 35:21; Ac 7:51; Ac 11:17; Ro 9:19 Individuals should not resist legitimate authorities Civil authorities Ro 13:1–2 See also Dt 17:12–13; 1 Sa 24:6; Tt 3:1–2; 1 Pe 2:13–14; 1 Pe 2:17 Religious authorities Heb 13:17 See also Ac 23:5 Parental authority Eph 6:1; Col 3:20;…
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