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A gratifying emotion, used in Scripture to refer to both human and divine emotions. Believers are invited to take pleasure in every aspect of God’s creation, while not allowing pleasure in the creation to overshadow pleasure in the Creator himself.

Divine pleasure That which gives God pleasure Ps 147:11; Je 9:24 See also Ps 37:23; Ps 149:4; Pr 11:20; Pr 12:22; Mt 11:25–26; Mt 12:18; Is 42:1; Eph 1:5; Eph 1:9 That which does not give God pleasure Ps 5:4; Eze 18:23 See also Ps 51:16; Ps 147:10; Is 1:11; Eze 18:32; Eze 33:11 Human pleasure God provides…
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