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The reputation gained by individuals or groups of people as a result of their achievements. Scripture shows how God’s fame among the nations rested upon his saving actions and, in the NT, how the miracles of Jesus Christ brought him widespread fame. God’s people are to rejoice in his fame, without lapsing into arrogance.

God’s acts of salvation have brought him renown Jos 9:9–10 See also Ex 8:9–11; Nu 14:13–16; Ps 72:1–19; Ps 135:13–14; Is 55:13; Is 63:11–14; Je 32:20; Hab 3:2 Jesus Christ’s teaching and miracles brought him fame Mt 4:24 See also Mt 8:32–34; Mt 9:27–31; Mk 1:27–28 Jesus Christ taught servanthood rather…
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