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A state of perplexity, bewilderment or disorder. Confusion may be brought about by God to cause the schemes of the wicked to fail and opposition to his people to prove ineffective. Confusion over spiritual truth is the natural state of humanity; believers, too, may be perplexed by God’s purposes or thrown into confusion by false teaching.

Examples of people in confusion 2 Sa 18:29; Es 3:15; Lk 21:25–26; Ac 17:8; Ac 19:32 God sends confusion as judgment The righteous ask God to confuse their enemies Ps 35:26 See also Ps 40:14; Ps 55:9; Ps 70:2 God sends confusion on Israel’s enemies Ex 23:27 See also Dt 7:23; Ps 71:24 Israel, too, may…
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