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God created both women and men in his image and likeness. Scripture shows women in a variety of roles, playing an important part in God’s salvation plan. In Christ, there is no fundamental distinction between believers on account of gender, race or social status. Women played a significant part in the life of Jesus Christ and in the early church. The NT both records their role and faces the questions thereby raised.

The creation of women Ge 2:20–24 See also Ge 1:27; Ge 5:1–2; 1 Ti 2:13 Women and the fall 1 Ti 2:14 See also Ge 3:1–16; 2 Co 11:3 The care of women in the early church community Ac 6:1; 1 Ti 5:1–10 Women as the weaker sex 1 Pe 3:7 See also 1 Ti 2:13–14 Women and their relationships Their relationship…
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