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Justice in believers’ lives

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God requires justice to be evident in the lives of his people. Through justification, believers are granted the status of being righteous in his sight, and are called upon to live out that righteousness in their lives.

God’s law demands justice The law is written on the conscience Ro 2:14–15 See also Ge 20:5–6; Pr 20:27 Is 51:7 See also Ec 8:5 The law in the OT Ex 20:1–3; Dt 6:4–5 See also Ex 20:4–17; Ps 119:1; Ps 119:165 The law in the NT Mt 5:17 See also Ro 7:7; Ro 7:12; Ro 7:22; Ro 13:10; 1 Ti 1:8–11 Justification…
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