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Justice, human

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God created the world in justice, and expects that his creatures will deal fairly and justly with one another as a result. Sin brings injustice into the world, by disrupting the justice established by God at creation. As a result, human justice often falls short of God’s standards.

God shows his concern for human justice By commanding it Is 56:1; Mic 6:8 See also Ex 23:1–9; Dt 24:17; Ps 82:3; Pr 21:3; Ho 12:6; Ro 13:7 By commending its maintenance Ps 106:3 See also Ge 20:5–6; 1 Ki 3:11–12; 1 Ki 3:28; Job 1:8; Ps 37:37; Ps 112:5 By condemning its neglect Mal 3:5 See also Dt 27:19;…
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