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Justice of God

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The moral righteousness of God is revealed in his laws and expressed in his judicial acts. God’s commands and judgments meet perfect standards of justice, and his apportioning of punishments and rewards is also perfectly just. God’s justice is impartial. Special praise is his for vindicating the penitent and the needy who have no human champions. Ultimately, all God’s ways will be seen as just and equitable.

God’s justice declared God the Father Ps 92:15; 1 Pe 1:17 See also Ge 18:25; Job 36:3; Ps 11:7; Ps 25:8; Ps 33:5; Ps 51:4; Is 61:8; Je 9:24; Zep 3:5; Re 15:3 God the Son 1 Jn 2:1 See also Ps 45:6; Heb 1:8–9; Ps 72:1–4 The righteousness of the coming Messiah: Is 9:7; Is 11:3–5; Is 42:1; Is 42:3; Mal 3:1–3…
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