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Life of Paul

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Paul, previously known as Saul, had been a zealous persecutor of the church, but an encounter with the risen Christ (c. a.d. 35) led to his becoming the apostle to the Gentiles, with a mission to proclaim the gospel throughout the Gentile world. He was probably martyred during the persecutions of Nero, possibly in a.d. 67.

Paul’s early life His Jewish heritage Php 3:4–5 His citizenship Ac 22:27–28 His place of birth and education Ac 22:3 See also Ac 21:39 His trade as a tentmaker Ac 18:1–3 Paul’s conversion His persecution of the church Php 3:5–6 See also Ac 7:59–8:3; Ac 9:1–2; Ac 22:19–20; Ga 1:13 His conversion on the…
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