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Living in Israel, his ministry as a prophet was to oppose the worship of Baal in Israel, and the sin, injustices and idolatry of Ahab, Jezebel and Ahaziah. He came, probably, from Tishbe in Gilead, but his parentage is not certain. His name means “the Lord is God”.

Elijah’s special standing as a prophet His prophecies and prayers were fulfilled and attested by miracles Drought prophesied and experienced: 1 Ki 17:1; 1 Ki 17:7; 1 Ki 18:1–6; Jas 5:17 1 Ki 17:14 Rain prophesied: 1 Ki 18:41; 1 Ki 18:44–45 1 Ki 17:17–24 Fire falls from heaven at Elijah’s prayer: 1 Ki…
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