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The mid-point between sunrise and sunset when the sun is at its brightest. Noon is a time to seek shelter from the heat of the day. The darkening of the midday sun and the surprise attack of the enemy at noon are signs of God’s judgment. The brilliance of the noonday sun is likened to the glory of Jesus Christ and to the vindication of God’s people.

Notes & Transcripts
Noon as a time of severe heat Shelter from the noonday heat Is 4:5–6 See also Is 16:3; Is 25:4 Time to rest from the sun’s heat 2 Sa 4:5 See also Ge 18:1 So 1:7 See also Ru 2:7; 1 Sa 11:11; 1 Ki 20:16; Mt 20:12; Jn 4:6 Noon as a natural break in the day 1 Ki 18:26–29; Ne 8:3 Noon as a time for prayer…
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