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In Scripture, more than a record of and reflection on past events, but a process under God’s control which has as its goal the eventual fulfilment of his purposes and through which he makes himself known. The goal of history is realised in Jesus Christ, through whom the age of salvation is inaugurated. Both the OT and NT point to the importance of faith rooted in historical events.

God is active in history God’s control over historical events Da 2:21; Ac 17:26 See also Ge 45:5–8; 1 Ki 12:15; Da 4:25; Da 7:25; Am 9:7 God’s saving purposes worked out through history Eph 1:11 See also Is 14:24–27; Is 37:26; Is 41:4; Is 46:10–11; Ac 1:7; Ac 2:23 God is known through his people’s history…
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