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A period of 24 hours or, as distinct from night, the period of daylight. The term may also be used more generally to refer to a point in time. Daylight is used figuratively to describe the illumination afforded to believers, who are urged to use the opportunities it presents and to avoid the evil usually associated with darkness.

Day and daylight Day as a period of 24 hours Ge 1:8; Mt 20:19; Jn 4:43; Jn 11:6 Day as the period of daylight Ge 1:5 See also Ge 1:14–18; Ge 8:22; Ps 74:16; Je 33:20 Daylight gives opportunity for activity A time for human endeavour Jn 11:9–10 See also Jos 10:12–13; Ac 27:29 A time of spiritual opportunity…
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