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The time marked by the rising of the sun. It signals the end of night and relief from its attendant concerns, and the approach of daylight with the opportunity for renewed daily activity. The light of dawn following darkness is a symbol of hope and vindication, fulfilled especially in the coming of the Messiah through whom God’s new age dawns.

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Dawn as the end of the night It ends the darkness of the night Am 5:8 See also 2 Sa 23:4; Job 41:18 It signals the end of nightly activity Ge 32:22–26; Jdg 19:25–26; 1 Sa 14:36; 1 Sa 25:36; 2 Sa 2:32; 2 Sa 17:22; So 2:16–17 Waiting for the dawn to bring relief Ps 130:6 See also Job 7:3–4; Ps 46:5; Is…
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