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A starting point, origin or source. The beginning often refers to the time of or before the creation of the world. God is described as the Beginning and the End, denoting the eternity of his existence. Jesus Christ’s coming marks a new beginning both for God’s people and, finally, for all creation.

Beginning as the starting point As the source Ps 111:10 See also Pr 1:7; Pr 9:10; Mic 1:13; Col 1:18 As the origin Job 8:7; Ac 26:4; Heb 7:3 As the commencement Le 23:5; Jdg 7:19; 1 Ki 6:1; Lk 23:54; 1 Jn 2:7; 2 Jn 5 The beginning: before the creation Pr 8:22–23 Jesus Christ’s existence predates the…
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