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A creation of God which marks the duration of life and which is measured by changes in the created order. The flow of time is directed by God who appoints particular “times” within his unfolding purposes. Because human life is brief, time should be used properly, making the most of every opportunity.

Time as a creation of God Time began at creation Ge 1:5 See also 1 Co 2:7 Time is marked by change in the created order Ge 1:14 See also Ps 104:19; Je 33:20 The timelessness of God Ps 90:2 See also Ge 1:1; Ps 93:2; Pr 8:22–26; Hab 1:12; Jn 1:1–2 God’s perception of time 2 Pe 3:8 See also Ps 90:4 Measurement…
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