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Confirmation of gospel

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The trustworthiness of the gospel of Jesus Christ rests upon the fulfilment of OT prophecies concerning Jesus Christ, the apostolic witness to Jesus Christ and the divine witness to Jesus Christ during his ministry, culminating in his resurrection.

Prophecies of the OT concerning Jesus Christ Fulfilment of prophecy recognised by Jesus Christ Mt 26:54–56 See also Mt 26:24; Mt 26:31; Lk 4:21; Lk 21:22; Lk 24:25–27; Lk 24:44; Lk 24:46; Jn 13:18; Ps 41:9 Fulfilment of prophecy recognised by NT speakers and writers Ro 3:21 See also Lk 1:68–70; Ac 3:18;…
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