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Jesus Christ, prophecies concerning

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The OT points ahead to the person and ministry of Jesus Christ. Christ’s fulfilment of OT prophecy is often noted by NT writers as a demonstration of God’s faithfulness to his promises of salvation and as confirmation of the divine authority of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ fulfils OT prophecy He fulfils the OT as a whole Lk 24:27 See also Mt 5:17; Lk 24:44; 2 Co 1:20 He fulfils God’s promises to Abraham Ga 3:14 See also Lk 1:54–55; Lk 1:72–74; Ga 3:16 He fulfils God’s promises through the prophets Ac 10:43 See also Mt 26:56; Ac 3:18; Ac 3:24; Ac 13:27; Ro…
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