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Jesus Christ as king

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Jesus Christ is declared king at his birth: he descends from the royal line of David. People rejected his kingly claims at his crucifixion but God exalted him to his rightful place of power and majesty. At the end of time Jesus Christ will rule the nations for ever.

Jesus Christ descends from the royal line of David He was the Son of David Mt 1:1 See also Mt 9:27; Mt 12:23; Mt 15:22; Lk 1:32–33; Lk 2:4; Lk 3:31 He was born in Bethlehem, the town of David Jn 7:42 See also Mt 2:3–6; Mic 5:2; Lk 2:15–16 Jesus Christ is regarded as king Jn 1:49 See also Mt 2:1–2; Jn…
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