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Sonship of Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ is described as Son of David, Son of Man and Son of God. His sonship speaks of his divinity and humanity and is closely associated with his role as promised Messiah, suffering Saviour, risen Lord and coming judge and king. It also speaks of his intimate, obedient and unique relationship with his Father and of his mission to enable people to become children of God through faith in him.

Jesus Christ as the Son of David He is physically descended from David Mt 1:1 See also Mt 1:2–20; Lk 1:27; Lk 1:32; Lk 2:4; Lk 2:11; Lk 3:23–38; Ro 1:3; 2 Ti 2:8; Re 22:16 He is the promised royal Messiah of David’s line Is 16:5 See also 2 Sa 7:12–16; Ps 89:1–4; Ps 132:11; Ps 132:17; Is 9:7; Is 11:1;…
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