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Trinity, mission of the persons

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All three persons of the Trinity co-operate in God’s work of salvation. For this purpose, the Father sends the Son and the Holy Spirit to redeem his people on earth and to live in and among them.

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The Son and the Holy Spirit do God’s work on earth In the OT, the Lord alone is Saviour Is 43:11 See also Ps 19:14; Ps 78:35; Is 43:3; Is 49:26; Is 60:16; Je 14:8; Ho 13:4 In the NT, the Son is the Saviour Mt 1:21 See also Lk 2:11; Jn 4:42; Ga 3:13; Ga 4:5; Tt 2:13; Tt 3:6 In the OT, the Lord lives among…
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