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Trinity, relationships between the persons

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The actual term “the Trinity” is not found in Scripture, but the truths implied in a trinitarian understanding of God are clearly set out. The OT hints at a plurality of persons in the Godhead. The NT affirms that the Son and the Holy Spirit are divine.

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There is only one God Dt 6:4 See also Is 43:10–11; Is 44:8; 1 Ti 1:17; 1 Ti 2:5; Jas 2:19 OT indications of plurality in the Godhead God refers to himself in the plural Ge 1:26 See also Ge 3:22; Ge 11:7; Is 6:8 The angel of the Lord Ge 16:11–13 See also Ge 18:1–33; Ex 3:2–6; Jdg 13:3–22 The word of God…
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