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Nature of truth

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God is the essence of truth and this quality should be reflected in the character of his children. Falsehood is condemned in Scripture, particularly in legal contexts, but truth is praised and advocated. God takes pleasure in truth and honesty, which are marks of an upright person.

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Truth originates with God Ps 43:3 See also Ps 25:5; Ps 26:3; Ps 86:11; Is 65:16; Da 9:13 Truth is an aspect of God’s character It is demonstrated in his faithfulness and reliability Nu 23:19; Ps 33:4 See also 1 Sa 15:29; Ps 31:5; Ps 40:10–11; Ps 119:160; Is 45:19; Je 10:10; Je 42:5; Da 10:21; Mic 7:20…
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