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Revelation in OT

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The OT bears witness to God’s revelation in the history of Israel and in the inspired testimony of the prophets and other writers of the period. This knowledge of God prepares the way for the full disclosure of God in Jesus Christ in the NT.

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Revelation in Eden and before the flood Ge 1:3 See also Ge 1:29–30; Ge 3:9–19; Ge 4:6–7; Ge 4:9–15; Ge 6:13–22 The covenant framework of OT revelation after the flood God’s covenant with Noah Ge 9:8–11 See also Ge 6:18; Ge 9:12–17 God’s covenant with Abraham Ge 17:7 See also Ge 15:9–21; Ge 17:2; Ge 17:4;…
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