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God the Lord

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The translation of the Hebrew name “Yahweh” which is the personal name of God whose meaning was revealed to Moses. It emphasises that God is the one who is eternal, unique, unchangeable and always actively present with his people. It expresses God’s role as Israel’s Redeemer and covenant Lord.

Notes & Transcripts
The name of God, the Lord The Lord is the personal name of God Is 42:8 The name’s meaning Ex 3:14–15 The name is revealed to Moses Ex 6:2–3 The name is glorious and awesome Dt 28:58–59 See also Jos 7:9; 1 Sa 12:22 The name is not to be misused Ex 20:7 See also Le 19:12; Le 24:11; Le 24:15–16 God’s character…
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