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God the Lord

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God is the almighty ruler to whom everything and everyone is subject. His lordship is seen in his power and his victory over his enemies and also in his deliverance of his people and his loving care for them. He is the recipient of their obedience and their prayers. (“Lord” is the translation of the Hebrew word “Adonai” meaning “Ruler” or “Master” and is distinct from “Lord” which is the translation of the divine name “Yahweh”.).

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God is the almighty ruler He is Lord of lords 1 Ti 6:15 See also Dt 10:17; Ps 136:3; Da 2:47 He is Lord of all the earth Ps 97:5 See also Jos 3:11; Jos 3:13; Mic 4:13; Zec 4:14; Ac 17:24 Characteristics of God as Lord He is great and powerful Ps 147:5 See also Ne 4:14; Ps 86:8; Ps 114:7–8; Ps 135:5;…
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