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Zeal of God

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The intense and protective commitment of God to his people and to his purposes which seeks a passionate and obedient response. The zeal of God is often linked with the idea of the “jealousy of God”, in which God refuses to contemplate his people giving their allegiance or affection to another.

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God in his zeal demands exclusive loyalty from his people Ex 20:5 See also Ex 34:14; Dt 4:24; Dt 5:9; Jos 24:19; Na 1:2 God’s zeal for the honour of his name Is 42:8 See also Ex 20:7; Dt 32:51; Is 48:9–11; Eze 20:9; Eze 20:14; Eze 20:22; Eze 36:20–23; Eze 39:7; Eze 39:25 God’s zeal on behalf of his people…
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