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Sovereignty of God

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The fact that God is free and able to do all that he wills; that he reigns over all creation and that his will is the final cause of all things. This is often expressed in the language of kingship.

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God is free to do all he wills Ps 135:6 See also Ps 115:3; Is 46:10; Da 4:35; Ro 9:19–21 God is able to do whatever he wills Lk 1:37 See also Job 42:2; Mt 19:26; Eph 3:20 God cannot be successfully opposed Job 42:2 See also 1 Sa 2:10; 2 Ch 20:6; Job 9:12; Ec 7:13; Is 43:13; Is 45:9–10; Ac 5:39 God rules…
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