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Joy of God

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God rejoices in the well-being and faithfulness of his covenant people, and in the repentance and conversion of sinners. He brings joy to his people, who rejoice in his presence and faithfulness.

Notes & Transcripts
God is the source of joy Ps 37:4 See also 1 Sa 2:1; Ne 1:11; Ne 12:43; Is 61:10; Jn 15:11; Php 4:4 God rejoices in the restoration of his people Je 32:41 See also Is 62:4–5; Is 65:19; Je 31:20; Zep 3:17 Joy can be found in the heavenly presence of God 1 Ch 16:27 At creation: Job 38:4–7; Pr 8:30–31 Lk…
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