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Pride Frog

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Two Canadian geese decided to fly south for the winter. A frog was sitting next to them as they decided this and he decided he wanted to go as well. The geese laughed and said "you're just a frog- you can't fly!" The frog knew that he didn't want to stay in the cold, so he thought and thought and thought.

"I got an idea!" the frog said. He found a long stick. "You two hold this stick in your claws and I'll hold on to the middle."

"With what?" the geese asked. "Your little hands could never hold on to a stick!"

"With my mouth" said the frog, proud of his idea.

So the geese put the stick in there claws, the frog clamped on with his mouth and they began to fly south successfully.

A day or two later, a crowd of people looked up and saw the two geese flying overhead, holding a stick with a frog holding on in the middle with his mouth. Someone in the crowd exclaimed, "What a brilliant idea- I wonder who thought of that?"

The frog proudly exclaimed "I did!"

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