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Holy Spirit Indwelling - Sealing - Filling

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3.   The Acts of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament Believer:

A.  The Indwelling of the Spirit:

a)  Under the old covenant the Holy Spirit was only given to certain believers and could be taken away from them at any time.  1Sa_1:1-16; (Psa_51:11)

b)  Under the new covenant the Holy Spirit indwells every New Testament believer at the point of salvation and abides (stays) forever (This is automatic).

1)   Indwells at salvation (Rom_8:9)

2)   Every believer receives Him (Joh_7:38-39)

3)   He abides (stays) with us forever (Joh_14:16)

B.   The Sealing:

1)   Refers to ownership, security, and a finished transaction.

2)   We belong to Christ (1Co_6:19-20)

3)   We are secure in Christ (Joh_10:27-30; 2Ti_2:19)

4)   The transaction for our salvation is complete (Joh_19:30)

(Eph_1:13; Eph_4:30; 2Co_1:22)

C.   The filling of the Spirit:

1)   Not to be confused with the indwelling which is a one time act.  The filling can happen many times.

2)  Commanded (Eph_5:18)

          a)  In this verse the word filled means "to be constantly being filled"  "to be constantly occupied to the full capacity."  Greek is present, imperative, passive.  It is a command that has continuous action.

          b)  When one thing fills another it takes possession of that which is filled (e.g. a glass filled with water).

          c)  When a man fills himself with wine it takes possession or control of his body for as long as he continually fills himself with it.

          d)  When we are filled with the Holy Spirit (drink Him in) he takes control of us in the same manner.          

3)  We are not filled whenever outside forces are allowed to fill and control your body, soul, or spirit.  When this happens you are not filled with the Holy Spirit but with the works of the flesh

1.   Gal_5:19-21 gives a partial list of the works of the flesh

2.   Gal_5:22-23 shows us the kind of fruit we will produce it we learn to walk after the Spirit.

3.   The Holy Spirit is grieved (Eph_4:30)

4.   The Holy Spirit id quenched (1Th_5:19)

4)   You cannot be filled (controlled by) with the Holy Spirit and the works of the flesh at the same time.  You must empty a container before it can be filled with something else.


      1.  You can only be filled with the Holy Spirit when you are not filled with or controlled by the works of the flesh.


      2.  Both cannot be true of you at the same time.  You either let the works of the flesh fill and control you or you let the indwelling Holy Spirit fill and control you by staying in fellowship.  

5)  Not automatic (1Jo_1:9)



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